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Eater Barbecue Week Starts This Second

Grab some Wet-Naps. Let's begin.


Welcome to the first-ever Barbecue Week on Eater. Starting right now and lasting through Friday evening, Eater Portland (and the rest of the Eater universe) will be obsessing over smoked meat, barbecue sauce, and the culture of the All-American cookout. Prepare to celebrate the love of getting together over tender ribs, pull-tested brisket, and crispy chicken with a variety of features, maps, and photo essays highlighting Portland's best.

Watch this page for an archive of Barbecue Week stories. We'll also be posting in the usual places—Facebook and Twitter—as the smoky details develop. Because barbecue is at the heart of American cuisine, you'll find American-style barbecue front and center, and because people worldwide also love the 'cue, we'll explore styles of barbecue found around the global and served right here in Portland.

Got any barbecue intel you want to share? Drop us a line via email, leave a comment below, or start a conversation in the forum.

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