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Loyal Legion Gets Massive Whiskey Program Overhaul

Le Tap opens in Piknik Park food cart pod, and British Overseas Restaurant Corporation launches dinner and high tea

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Loyal Legion
Loyal Legion
Dina Avila/EPDX

SOUTHEASTLoyal Legion, the beer bar with a massive tap list and a different $3 shot of whiskey every day of the week, recently revamped its whiskey program, with the help of local bartendering royalty, Tommy Klus (La Moule). Designed with value in mind, the new menu focuses on Scotches but also features Irish whiskies, American Bourbons and ryes, and whiskies from Canada and Japan. [Oregonian]

SELLWOOD—Sellwood's Piknik Park food cart pod at SE 13th and Lexington is now home to Le Tap's second sudsy location. Serving brews to pair with food cart food, Le Tap comes from Laurent Albouze, who also owns Prospect Bottleshop & Bar on NE 16th and Killingsworth. It opened this weekend with the following on tap: Finnriver's Habanero Cider, Ecpliptic's Hefe Pils, Culmination's Brett IPA, Baerlic Invincible's Nitro IPA, and Drinking Horse's Wit. [EaterWire]

NORTH WILLIAMS—As the controversy surrounding British Overseas Restaurant Corporation, formerly Saffron Colonial, seems to have somewhat resided, the restaurant's food and drink options are growing. BORC now serves dinner Thursdays and Fridays, with classic British dishes like Bangers and Mash and Fish and Chips, as well as dishes like Burmese Golden Curry and Aussie Meat Pies. High tea and the sizable Earl of Sandwich menu are also now available. Take a peek at a recent dinner menu:

British Overseas Restaurant Corporation Dinner Menu 6.20.16


Loyal Legion

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Saffron Colonial

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