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Seif Chirchi (left) and Rachel Yang
Seif Chirchi (left) and Rachel Yang

And the new restaurant will be named—Revelry. In March, the announcement that two of Seattle's hottest chefs, husband and wife team Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi, would open a restaurant in Portland, sent ripples through the local food-iverse. The fact they'd team up with Portland's Eric and Karen Bowler (Fortune, Tube) suggested a serious late-night vibe. And now the partners reveal the restaurant will be named Revelry and will be modeled in part after Yang's popular Seattle restaurant, Revel.

According to the press release, Revelry will serve small plates—or "snacks," as they're referred to in one instance—similar to those at Revel. We're talking playful Korean-spiked dishes, like kimchi pancake with pork belly and Dungeness crab with seaweed noodles. If Revelry stays true to the Revel menu, plan for salads, dumplings, and rice-with-egg-yolk dishes, too.

Revelry will be firmly rooted in cocktail culture and DJs, and the restaurant and bar is already promising a late-night menu involving fried chicken and spicy "crack sauce." Located at 210 SE MLK Boulevard, it will be medium to small in size, with 60 total seats, ten of which will be bar seating.

According to The O, the dining room at Revelry will share "a space with a recreational outdoors store, Evo." Perhaps dinner will also be a good time to pick up a new snowboard or sleeping bag? Also, the DJ booth will be located not only in Revelry but "between Evo and the restaurant space," says the press release. Will this be some sort of late-night party with S'mores? Time will only tell what this dynamic team will put together. Revelry tells Eater it aims to open late this summer.


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