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The Groaning Board Reveals Menu for Dogs

Matt's BBQ and Kim Jong Grillin' are teaming up

One of The Groaning Board's latest customers
One of The Groaning Board's latest customers
Facebook/Groaning Board

ALBERTA—According to its Facebook pageKim Jong Grillin's Alberta location has closed for good due to an electrical problem of some sort, but apparently, the food cart will resurrect itself and isn't leaving the area. Instead, it's teaming up with Matt's BBQ. Kim Jong Grillin' writes:

Bad news first: Alberta is closed for good. So sorry it had to come to this.

Good news. We will be moving our truck next to food truck of the year 2016 Matt's BBQ. Before you ask, yes. We will collaborate and do smokey goodness with Matt's BBQ!
We expect to be there before the end of the month!

With a mashup of Korean and American barbecue styles from two of the city's most prominent barbecue spots in the works, this is definitely one to watch closely—Wet-Naps in hand. [EaterWire]

SOUTHWEST WATERFRONT—Does your dog need a cheeseburger? If so, you're in luck: Last weekend, The Groaning Board launched a menu just for dogs featuring things like the Skye Bowl, a bowl of chicken and rice with homemade bacon jam for $7, and Burger and Fries, a three-and-a-half-ounce house-ground chuck patty and fries, also $7. "The Southwest Waterfront is a mecca for dog lovers," owner Amee Finigan tells Eater, "and with our sidewalk seating open, we have decided to break new ground." Here's the full Doggie Menu:

Matt's BBQ

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The Groaning Board

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Kim Jong Grillin

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