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Behold Century Bar, The Ambitious Bar Designed to Look Like a Sports Stadium

The long delayed and hotly anticipated bar reveals its interior

Located at 930 SE Sandy Blvd, Century Bar is the wildly anticipated bar from Lightning Bar Collective (Jackknife, Victoria, the Bye and Bye, Sweet Hereafter) promising to introduce a new form of sports bar to the city. When Eater broke word of Century Bar back in March 2015, the bar said it hoped to open as early as summer 2015. What feels like a century (sorry) of construction and permitting delays ensued, but now, the owners tell Eater Century Bar hopes to open later this week.

See inside this monument of mahogany bleachers and gigantic televisions screens now. The gallery above reveals exactly what Century Bar always said it would be: A miniature stadium, with bleachers on all sides of the room capable of seating 200, plus four television screens that descend from the ceiling when the games are on, and retract when Century wants to transform—whether into a late-night, DJ-fueled dance party, or a venue to host weddings.

And it turns out the delays have helped in one area. "We've been working on an events calendar for nearly a year now, from 80s nights to solstice parties," general manager Nate VanDeventer tells Eater. "We've also talked about things like bingo night—anything to utilized that giant stadium seating." So don't think of Century as a sports bar only: It'll host an array of events, like tonight's Negroni Social costume gala.

Along with this multi-use space, Century Bar has a second 30-seat bar in the front of the building; a patio seating around 75; and a 50-seat rooftop deck. Upstairs is a classy lounge area where the wedding party can prepare before making a dramatic entrance down the staircase.

Century Bar comes from the Lightning Bar Collective team, John Janulis, Liam Duffy, Ben Hufford, Ian Davis, Clyde Wooten, and Jacob Carey. Will it be the new wave of sports bar as the owners have said? You'll find out soon. Stay tuned for the confirmed opening date, with full food and drink details (spoiler: three boozy slushy machines will be located throughout the bar), coming soon.


930 Southeast Sandy Boulevard, , OR 97214 Visit Website