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See the Extent of Pizza Jerk Fire Damage in Photos

The following images may be very shocking to lovers of Pizza Jerk

Pizza Jerk's latest topping: fire-fighting foam.
Pizza Jerk's latest topping: fire-fighting foam.
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

Yesterday, June 7, the lauded Pizza Jerk, opened by Bunk's Tommy Habetz just last fall, caught fire during business hours at 5028 NE 42nd Ave. An estimated 15 to 20 people were inside, and thankfully, no one was hurt. But the fire caused severe damage to the dining room, as the photos below show.

Eater spoke with Habetz and the Pizza Jerk team yesterday, and amid somber discussion, they said Pizza Jerk is closed until further notice. The group is brainstorming ways to reopen as quickly as possible, but it's too early to tell what this would entail. Pizza Jerk says the kitchen, bar area, outdoor patio, and sizable backyard garden were not damaged in the fire.

The fire was particularly poorly timed: The creative pizzeria, which pulls off seemingly oddball mashups extremely well—like pizzas topped with dan dan noodles (not to mention a pretty darn traditional white clam pie)—was ranked one of the best pizzerias in the nation just days ago on Thrillist.

[Photos: Mattie John Bamman/EPDX]

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