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Muselet Will Close This Weekend

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The South Waterfront Restaurant will lock its doors on July 16

Dina Avila

In a newsletter emailed early last evening, Muselet's Ron Acierto wrote that he's closing his South Waterfront spot after dinner service on Saturday night.

After only a few weeks in business, the fine dining restaurant was already receiving honors and good press—in July of 2015, Wine Enthusiast named it one of this country's best 100 wine bars.

But In his farewell email, Acierto said that the food and the drinks were no match for a location that many Portlanders rarely drive, tram or bike to.

Diners can drop by for a last glass or a final supper any day this week except Thursday, when the restaurant's closed for a private event.

From the email, in its entirety:

I am sad to tell you that I will be closing Muselet at the end of service on Saturday, July 16.

The Muselet we created and believe in, is not sustainable as a business for reasons mostly related to the location.

We will be accepting reservations all week except for Thursday when we'll be closed for a private event.

The good news is, with an incredible staff, we accomplished what I set out to do: to create a beautiful, comfortable, sophisticated place where the highest standards of food, wine and service are practiced and perfected every day, at every table, with every guest, with great pride and joy, by smart people dedicated to the enjoyment and sharing of ‘life's appetites.' I wish I had a dollar for every sigh, every swoon, every moan of pleasure and gasp of delight, every smile, every rave, every rating-star given by so many ecstatic guests.

Still, I love this work more than anything I have ever done, and I will continue to do it. Muselet was a landmark in my life and I think an important moment in Portland's restaurant scene. I am so proud of my dedicated staff and what we did together.

I'm going to take some time off, pay attention to lessons learned and move forward. I'm already involved in the conceptual development for an exciting new project which could become Muselet's next home.

Your appreciation, encouragement, loyalty and support have meant everything to me. I treasure our friendship and look forward to entertaining you soon in a new and better place.

Muselet Restaurant & Wine Bar

3730 SW Bond Ave, Portland, OR 97239 (503) 265-8133