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24th & Meatballs To Open At Two-Thirds Complex In St. Johns

Tabla owner Adam Berger will be bringing his beef, pork, chicken, and vegan meatballs to Kevin Cavenaugh's Two-Thirds micro-restaurant complex this summer Eater learned over the weekend.

We caught up with Berger by phone and he told us that if his Is and Ts get dotted and crossed in time, 24th & Meatballs could be open by September.

"We're definitely shooting for sun, before the rain comes," he said.

The new shop will be the brand's second, and it will join the complex's other two tenants, Royale Brewing's Garrison Tap Room and The Sudra. Presently, The Sudra is temporarily closed after sustaining damages from a small fire late last month. Cavenaugh says it will re-open sometime soon.

24th and Meatballs's first opened in The Ocean complex in Northeast Portland in 2013. Cavenaugh is the developer behind the micro-restaurant complexes The Ocean and The Zipper.

At first, Cavenaugh says he wasn't sure which final restaurant to put in St. Johns' three-spot site.

"It was paramount that the two places going in on either side of The Garrison have awesome food," he says. "And really, Meatballs just pairs the best with The Sudra to flank Royale."

As for the new space, Berger says it will be a little bit bigger—it'll seat about 30—but it will feature the same menu of meatballs, meatball sandwiches and sliders, salads, and sides found at his Ocean location. Beer and wine will round that new menu out.

Stay tuned.