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Imperial Named Sunset Magazine's 'Best Restaurant at a Hotel in the West'

Tin Man Coffee sold to Groundwork Coffee, and Superbite and Ox expand hours

Katie Acheff/EPDX

PORTLAND—In addition to naming Portland the "Best Food Town in the West" (obviously), Sunset Magazine has named Imperial the "Best Restaurant at a Hotel in the West." Sunset placed the honor squarely on the shoulders of Vitaly Paley, who "has won a James Beard Award and trains many of Portland's top cooks." (In other recent news, Imperial said goodbye to executive chef and Top Chef-star Doug Adams.) [Sunset]

WEST END—Things are ramping up at Ox's sister restaurant Superbite. The restaurant dedicated to potent, flavor-packed bites is expanding its hours, and so is Kask, its bar located next door. Starting July 24, Superbite and Kask are now open Sundays. [EaterWire]

PORTLAND—According to a press release, after launching this March, Tin Man Coffee Co. has been sold to Groundwork Coffee Co. Now Groundwork will open two, not one, coffee shops in Portland this summer, taking over Tin Man's Downtown and SE Hawthorne Boulevard locations. Hailing from Venice Beach, CA, Groundwork purchased Portland's Kobos Coffee earlier this year and previously told Eater it is committed to hiring local employees and intends to offer Kobos employees new positions when the roaster closes later 2016. [EaterWire]


527 SW 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205 Visit Website

Tin Man Coffee Co. [SW]

308 SW First Ave, Portland, OR 97204 Visit Website


300 North College Street, , NC 28202 (704) 576-4879


1215 SW Adler Street, Portland, OR