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Sizzle Pie Expanding To New York City

The heavy metal vegan- and gluten-free-friendly pizza parlor was also just named Pizza Today’s “Independent Pizzeria of the Year”

Sizzle Pie

In an article published two days ago, the pizza trade publication Pizza Today named Sizzle Pie its 2016 "Independent Pizzeria of the Year."

But a couple of paragraphs in, it also broke the news that Matt Jacobson and Mikey McKennedy's Portland-based heavy metal pizza chainlet will be opening a new pizza shop on the east coast in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood.

We caught up with Jacobson yesterday to try and glean the details.

"We signed a lease [in New York City] a couple of months ago," he confirmed. "We've both spent time there, and nothing [back east] was really doing anything like were doing, so we thought we could resonate really well out there."

However, Jacobson said Sizzle Pie NYC won't open anytime soon—the city still has to rezone the property from industrial to commercial before construction can begin, a process could take at least six to nine months.

When it does open, Sizzle Pie will stick to its menu of meaty, vegan, and gluten-free slices and pies.

The Bushwick location will be Sizzle Pie's sixth overall (there are shops in Eugene and Seattle) and that doesn't include the two spots located inside the Moda Center. Jacobson said that number will jump to three in time for the Trailblazer's upcoming season.