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Portland Doughnut Shop Attacked by Vegans for Discrimination

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Pip's Original Doughnuts will not hire employees with certain dietary restrictions

Pip's Original
Pip's Original
Yelp/Cynthia L.

Last week, Pip's Original Doughnuts posted a help-wanted ad, and under "basic requirements," it wrote "no non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions." Now, some vegetarians and vegans are pissed, writing across social media that Pip's is discriminating against them.

In response to the news, as has almost become standard practice, one-star reviews quickly flooded online restaurant review websites. Facebook appears to have been where most of the activity took place, with many one-star reviews appearing since the July 21 job posting.

One one-star review read in part, "Wow! To not hire otherwise qualified workers, because they make a particular dietary choice is unfair. There are plenty of alternative lifestyle individuals in Portland who work at establishments that serve meat and dairy."

In its defense, Pip's Original wrote on Facebook that it had "received numerous hateful emails" and was "being relentlessly cyber-bullied by a group of people using fear and intimidation tactics." Pip's post continued, "As a small, locally owned business we feel that voluntary lifestyle, non-medical, and non-religious dietary restrictions could seriously compromise our ability to make crucial decisions to assure food quality and safety. It's not discrimination, it's common sense."

Pip's Original

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