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Behold Revelry's Menu of Korean Street Foods

It opens tonight

The now-shuttered Revelry
Dina Avila/EPDX

Unless you've been living and eating under a rock, Revelry requires no introduction. The restaurant by James Beard nominees Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi opens today, August 16, at 5 p.m., and Eater has an one-the-fly version of the dinner menu. Focusing on Korean street foods, it features "snacks" and small plates and is broken down into pancakes, noodles, rice bowls, sweets, and "any time" dishes (any time menu items are available at all hours; no word yet on when the other menu items stop being available each night).

Without further ado, here's the opening day food menu from wildly anticipated Revelry:


• 1000 layer fry bread, 5 spice 4

• Summer melon + winter melon pickle, mint 5

• Kimchi wedge, mushroom togarashi 6

• Herb falafel, Korean chili harissa 7

• Charred shishito, tonnato 8

• Mrs. Yang's spicy fried chicken, peanut brittle 12

• Rice cake, spicy beef, kalamata salted black bean sauce 15

• Kimchi pancake, pork belly, bean sprout 12

• Cioppino pancake, Thai basil, fennel slaw 12

• Jackfruit curry pancake, pickled lemongrass, coconut 12

• Dan dan noodle, chipotle, collard green 16

• Seaweed noodle, Dungneness crab, red curry, crème fraiche 17

• Shiitake noodle, salted black bean kale pesto, walnut 16

• "That" short rib rice, sambal daikon, mustard green 17

• Black sesame tuna rice, seaweed salad, escarole 16

• Crispy cauliflower rice, chick pea masala, yu choy 15

• Revel motherload 2, miso caramel brownie, fluff, chocolate fries 7

• Mochi donut, caramel popcorn, fennel candy 7

• Buttermilk pudding, peaches, honey comb candy 7


210 Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, , OR 97214 (971) 339-3693 Visit Website