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PN26's Fine-Dining Chef to Open Stacked Sandwich Shop

It appears Gabriel Pascuzzi is about to get medieval between sliced bread

Stacked Sandwich Shop
Stacked Sandwich Shop
Stacked Sandwich Shop

Gabriel Pascuzzi, the chef behind the fine-dining pop-up PN26, has just signed a lease on the corner of SE 3rd and Clay to open the 45-seat Stacked Sandwich Shop. "I always wanted to apply my fine dining background to a fast casual concept," Pascuzzi tells Eater, "and Stacked will use carefully sourced ingredients to make familiar sandwiches at a good price point." It'll also offer counter service, and Pascuzzi has released details on the signature French Dip: It'll come with braised oxtail, crimini mushrooms, cast iron-charred onions, cave-aged gruyere, and rosemary jus.

Stacked Sandwich Shop will also be PN26's new home (formerly Renata's commissary kitchen). With help from Alex Ditton, the pop-up will be held in a separate dining space in the rear of Stacked twice a month.

When asked about life-changing sandwiches, Pascuzzi referenced a sandwich of blackened pork loin served on bread made with a 100-year-old French starter, from back when he was an apprentice in his uncle's kitchen. He also brought up a crumbled lamb sausage sandwich from his most recent trip to Italy. But Pascuzzi comes from an Italian family, and he says his dad's sandwiches made the greatest impact.

"My pops would make this stuffed lamb leg a few times a year, when basil and tomatoes are at their peak. He would stuff the lamb leg with homemade pesto and goat cheese, then lard it with cloves of garlic. It was delicious that night, but the next day's sandwiches were the best. They were simple: the lamb leg cooked medium and hand sliced, served with fresh tomato, whole leaves of basil, and some mayo, on rustic bread."

Construction is already underway at Stacked Sandwich Shop, and it is aiming to open in time for the holidays. When it does, it'll have two roll-up garage doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, a full bar program, and serve familiar sandwiches like meatball subs and turkey clubs prepared Pascuzzi-style.

Stacked Sandwich Shop

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