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The Parish Shutters in The Pearl District

The Cajun and Creole kitchen has stuffed its last andouille sausage

The Parish
Dina Avila/EPDX

The Parish has been serving Cajun/Creole dishes like braised frog legs and house-made andouille sausage along with one of the city’s best oyster happy hours since 2012, but as WWeek reports, it shucked its last shell over the weekend. The Parish’s closing announcement was brief, stating only that the restaurant was closed for good. The abrupt closure likely surprises many in the food community; in fact, Eater Portland had just featured The Parish on the Portland Restaurant Underdogs map.

Tobias Hogan and Ethan Powell opened The Parish as the follow-up restaurant to EaT: An Oyster Bar, and their North Williams Avenue restaurant is now the place to find Powell’s Southern dishes and farm-direct oysters (oysters are often incredibly priced at one dollar during college football games).

Over the past year, The Parish had experimented with different business models. In August 2015, the restaurant divided its space in two to create The Palmetto Cafe, a breakfast, lunch, and oysters spot. It then closed the cafe, making the space available for private event rentals, in February 2016. Unfortunately for the restaurant’s fans, it appears the changers weren’t enough.

Palmetto Cafe

231 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209 Visit Website

The Parish

231 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 Visit Website