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Celebrity Chef Chris Cosentino Announces Portland Restaurant

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The winner of Top Chef Masters is coming to the city

Chris Cosentino
Facebook/Chris Cosentino

Famous for winning Top Chef Masters, San Francisco-based and offal-obsessed chef Chris Cosentino announced today on KATU 2’s AM Northwest live television show he’s opening a restaurant in Portland. Eater has reached out to Cosentino to learn more about the forthcoming Portland establishment, and here’s the message from AM Northwest’s Twitter feed:

Cosentino won Top Chef Masters season 4 and has competed on The Next Iron Chef. In San Francisco, he co-owns Cockscomb and formerly owned Incanto, and in February 2016, he announced he’s opening a new restaurant, Acacia House, in St. Helena, in Napa Valley, California. Cosentino is known for making dishes inspired by Italian tradition, often with a nod toward offal, as well as more global influences.

When Eater San Francisco broke Cockscomb’s menu, Cosentino said, "I really want this to be a place where you can have a family in for dinner, cooks feel comfortable here, suits feel comfortable here." More details to come as they unfold.

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