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See Urban Winemaking in Action at SE Wine Collective

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Urban wineries citywide are deep into harvest

Another Oregon grape harvest is underway, which means winemakers and cellar rats across the state are up to their waists in fermenting pinot noir grape juice right now. Unlike in most cities, Portlanders can often see, taste, and even partake in winemaking in their own neighborhoods, far away from the vineyards and wineries of Willamette Valley, thanks to Portland's 20-plus urban wineries. In the gallery above, Eater Portland photographer Dina Avila catches the action at SE Wine Collective, located just off SE Division at SE 35th Place.

SE Wine Collective is home to ten urban wineries as well as the Wine Bar, where you can sit down to true house wines and seasonal plates by chef Althea Grey Potter separated from the winemaking by only a glass window. Founders Kate Norris and Tom Monroe recently made Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40 list, and speaking with Eater, Norris says, "It is truly an honor. And my parents are pretty stoked, so that's awesome — it's all about our making our parents proud, right?"

See winemaking for yourself by visiting the wine bar this fall, when a different half-off wine made by one of the Collective's wineries will be featured each day. If SE Division is too far of a hike, don't forget about the many other urban wineries open to the public across the city.

SE Wine Collective

2425 SE 35th Place, Portland, OR 97215 503 208 2061