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Natian Brewery Opening Tap Room On East Burnside

The nano-turned-mircobrewery will feature 18 taps for Natian and guest brews

Facebook/Natian Brewery

In 2009, Ian McGuinness started nano-brewing under the Natian Brewing banner. Three years ago, he upgraded Natian to its current microbrewing status, which right now produces about 350 barrels of beer each year. And come January, he plans to start offering a taste of those brews at a new tap room right across the street from his brewery.

Natian’s tap room will be located at the corner of Burnside and 13th Avenue in the space where Old Wives’ Tale stood before the building it called home was demolished.

Once the 18-tap tap room’s open, McGuinness expects to offer eight to 12 tap standards, with the remaining taps reserved for seasonal and experimental beers.

The spot won’t have a kitchen, but McGuinness says he’s already laying the groundwork for partnering up with nearby eateries, which will deliver any eats you order to one of the Nation’s 30 indoor and 20 outdoor drinking seats.

If you want to get a taste before the new year, Tilt, Suzette, NoPo’s Beer Porches and the soon-to-shutter Rialto Room are all currently pouring Natian beers.

And keep your eyes peeled for the October release of Cease and Desist, Natian’s imperial milk stout, which won a people’s choice award at the most recent Portland Craft Beer Festival.

Natian Brewery Tap Room: 1300 E Burnside St.; Projected Hours: noon to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 to 8 p.m., Sunday through Thursday

Natian Brewery [Official Site]