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Updated: The Restaurants and Bars Open Thursday, January 12

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Continually updated 411 on where you can and cannot eat


Updated 1/12/17: Today, most restaurants and bars appear to be braving the elements and firing up the burners. That said, food carts are having a tougher time of it. You can reliably plan to keep the snow party going at your neighborhood restaurants and bars, but here are the spots that will not be open today, January 12 (this list will be updated as more reports come in):

These are the only restaurants that’ve reported they’re closed today, January 12:

Farm Spirit
Fire + Stone
Bokie Dokie food cart
Smith Teamaker (both locations)
Savor Soup House food cart
Burger Stevens food cart
Tamale Boy Russell (Dekum location is open)
Relish Gastropub

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