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Smallwares’ Johanna Ware Announces New Restaurant

It’s a micro-restaurant at The Zipper

Fried kale at Smallwares

Smallwares was one of saddest restaurant closings of 2016, but now WWeek reports chef-owner Johanna Ware will be back at the burners with a new restaurant: She’s opening Wares inside The Zipper micro-restaurant complex, in the space previously occupied by Bywater Grocery, at 2707 NE Sandy Blvd.

Despite its smaller size, the new restaurant will be more Smallwares than Lil’Wares, which means the return of some of its most beloved “inauthentic Asian” dishes. Confirmed on the menu are rice cakes, ramen, and the iconic fried kale. Prepare for a honed menu featuring around seven regular plates, plus daily specials.

In keeping with The Zipper’s modus operandi, Wares will be a fast-casual spot (all of the businesses onsite share a communal dining area, plus the space inside Paydirt bar). Ware is also teasing pop-ups in the space capable of seating 16. Wares could open as soon as mid-February.


25 North Fremont Street, , OR 97227 (503) 206-6421 Visit Website

The Zipper

2705 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, , OR 97232


2713 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, , OR 97232 (503) 954-1172 Visit Website