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Han Oak Adds Noodles and Dumpling Nights, Menu Revealed

There’s no doubt about it: Portland is dumpling rich

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A communal table at Han Oak butts up against a set of built-in shelves next to a staircase, which leads into a small kitchen and chef’s counter.
Han Oak
Dina Avila/EPDX

The hip and hidden Han Oak, known for its modern Korean menus, halted its popular brunch at the end of 2016. This cut its hours to just Friday and Saturday dinners, plus the usual flurry of chef collaborations and private events. What was the Han Oak team cooking up? It turns out it was all in the name of Korean noodle bowls and dumplings.

Speaking with Eater, chef-owner Peter Cho says Han Oak is now open Sundays and Mondays, from 5 to 10 p.m., and instead of the usual reservation-only, prix fixe setup, walk-ins are welcome. As you can see below, the menus are a la carte, with noodles beginning at $11 and dumplings for $9. Now’s the time to take Han Oak for a test drive, if you haven’t already.

Featured front and center is that iconic dish of chive and pork dumplings, probably the best dumpling soup in the city. New is the braised oxtail dumpling, with winter squash and onions and “laced” with parmesan. Cho says the noodle bowls feature either chicken or beef broths, and he is particularly excited for the sujebi, or hand-torn noodles. There’s a sizable cocktail menu by bartender Michelle Ruocco, too.

“A lot of the menu is developed after service, when we make the family meal for the staff,” says Cho. “It’s what I wanted to eat, and it’s really all dumplings and noodles at the end of the day.” Here’s that adoration in 12-point font:

Han Oak

511 NE 24TH AVE, Portalnd, OR 97232 Visit Website