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Red Star Tavern Alum to Open Proper Pint Taproom in Woodstock

The venture comes a beer aficionado and his fiancée

Sean Hiatt and Casey Milligan enjoying some craft beer and some warm weather

Fifteen year industry veteran Sean Hiatt (Red Star Tavern, Civic Taproom) told Eater this week that he and his fiancée Casey Milligan, Salt & Straw’s director of operations, plan on opening Proper Pint Taproom, a 1,300-square-foot taproom at 5965 SE 52nd Avenue sometime this spring.

Once construction is complete and the doors are opened, Proper Pint will have 20 to 25 taps pouring frequently rotating craft beers, with seating for up to 50 people inside and patio seating outside for another 50.

Hiatt says the space is too small for a kitchen, which is why he’s talking to neighboring eateries to provide eating options for his craft beer-drinking patrons. Still, Hiatt’s staff plans provide over-the-counter beer drinking snacks like potato chips, trail mix, pretzels, and maybe jerky.

“Craft beer drinkers always want to know what’s new, what’s the next big thing,” Hiatt says. A beer aficionado himself, he says craft beer drinkers are his people. “I think it’s amazing that in a town like Portland, that we go out of our way to buy local and support brewers of craft beer and craft cider.”

When Proper Pint’s doors fling open, Hiatt will be on his own outside of a few new hires. Milligan, he says, likes her job at Salt & Straw and plans on keeping it.

If all goes his way, Hiatt says he’d like to open Proper Pint’s doors in March or April.

Stay tuned.

Proper Pint: 5965 SE 52nd Ave.