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Portland Restaurateurs Unveil Food/Horror/Talk Show Series

Presented by the team behind The Picnic House, Barlow, High Noon, and ChkChk

Last Meal
Last Meal

Aaron and Jessica Grimmer, the restaurateurs behind The Picnic House, Barlow Artisanal Bar, High Noon, and ChkChk, have just announced a collaboration web series with Portland’s Two Penguins Productions. It’s called Last Meal, and as you can see in the bizarre video trailer below, it attempts an indie blend of three pop genres: the reality cooking show, celebrity talk show, and horror movie.

The plot line of the Last Meal is this: Aaron and Jessica are married, just like in real life, only Aaron is the son of the Grim Reaper. For some reason, the Grim Reaper is going to retire, and Aaron needs to take over. How to most effectively fulfill his duties? To invite local and national celebrities to a dinner party at the legitimately creepy Blackberry Castle, interview them, and kill them. Yes, there will be gore.

Celebrities in the first season include actor Sabrina Jalees, from Transparent season 3; Brent Knopf of the band Ramona Falls; and graphic novelist Nicole J. Georges, author of Calling Dr. Laura. Members of the Grimmer’s restaurant team also make appearances.

“The project really took on a life of its own,” Jessica writes in the press release. “It’s ended up being a perfect way to highlight amazing creatives, while delving into deep and meaningful conversations. We both celebrate our guests’ lives and work… and then we kill them.”

Last Meal debuts spring 2017. Here’s the trailer:

High Noon

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