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Tiffin Asha Unleashes Massive Indian Dosas on NE Killingsworth January 5

The food cart known for Indian-style crepes goes brick and mortar

Dosa from Tiffin Asha
Yelp/Jessica C.

This just in from Portland Monthly: The one-time food cart Tiffin Asha will unleash its massive dosas on January 5, at 1670 NE Killingworth St. (across from Hat Yai and Podnah's Pit). Way back in 2013, PoMo's Karen Brooks said Tiffin Asha is "poised to find a quick place among Portland's best,” and now she writes, “Chef Elizabeth Golay and frontwoman Sheila Bommakanti (partners in business and life) have assembled one of the most appealing-looking menus I’ve seen recently.”

That menu is available in-full, online here, and it shows Golay greatly expanding upon her traditional offerings. Those already familiar with Tiffin Asha will find its stuffed dosas, idli, vada holes, and iconic "gun powders,” a spice powder eaten like chutney. Added to these are kebabs, like pomegranate-sesame glazed lamb; appam, a coconut milk and fermented rice pancake, which is available with either a winter vegetable stew or sweet coconut milk; and pappu, stewed and spiced lentil bowls.

Tiffin Asha is now open for dinner Thursday through Monday, from 5 to 10 p.m. The restaurant previously announced plans to serve an Indian brunch. Expect hours to expand weekends.

Tiffin Asha

1670 Northeast Killingsworth Street, , OR 97211 (503) 936-7663 Visit Website