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Eater Portland’s Top 11 Articles of 2016

See what kept us all glued to our screens in 2016

Prince tribute doughnut by Voodoo Doughnuts
Facebook/Voodoo Doughnuts

2016 was a wild ride. Here are Eater Portland’s most read articles. Miss any? Maps not included.

Oregon Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake a Cake for Gay Couple Closes

Remember when Sweet Cakes by Melissa finally closed and everyone went ape-$#&%? The bakery officially gave up hopes to reopen after the backlash from refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Owners Aaron and Melissa Klein had been trying to reopen since 2013. Read the full story here.

Veritable Quandary Will Close This Summer

When the news dropped that Multnomah County would buy Veritable Quandary, one of downtown's most iconic restaurants, the city let out a collective lament for the 45-year-old institution. Portland’s historic restaurants continued to take hits throughout 2016, but this one especially stung. Read the full story here.

Portland Doughnut Shop Attacked by Vegans for Discrimination

Pip's Original Doughnuts posted a help-wanted ad, and under "basic requirements," it wrote "no non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions." Some vegetarians and vegans were pissed, writing across social media that Pip's was discriminating against them. Read the full story here.

Voodoo Doughnut's Prince Tribute Doughnuts Are Blowing Up Instagram

Voodoo Doughnut Prince tribute doughnut

Mourning in the form of fried dough. Read the full story—with photos!—here.

Lincoln's Jenn Louis Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence

For a moment, this news rocked the city. Read the full story here.

Pine Street Market, the Food Hall That Will Change Downtown Forever, Is Seriously Sorta Open

Pine Street Market

When word first dropped that Pine Street Market would take over the historic, 10,000-square-foot Baggage and Carriage Building at SW 2nd Avenue and Pine, it seemed too good to be true. After months of delays, it seemed even more so, but then things just got real. Read the full story here.

Here Are the 95 Restaurants That Have Opened Since June 2016

A continually-updated list of places that have recently opened in Portland. Read the list story here.

An Eater’s Guide to Portland

In the rough and tumble city of foraged fine dining, whole-animal butchery, and bacon-topped maple bars, there are a lot of opinions around what to eat. To cut through the designer flannel, Eater Portland released its first city guide. Read the full guide here.

Amen: The Bible Club Speakeasy Comes to Sellwood

The Bible Club
Katie Acheff/EPDX

"It's a pre-Prohibition-era museum that you can drink in," said Ryk, the man behind Bible Club, one of the most unique bars/restaurants/social clubs—€”museums?—€”to ever open in Portland. Inside, almost everything, from the portraits of presidents to the juicers and corkscrews the bartenders use, is American-made before 1930. It's sort of like stepping into your great grandparents house—if your grandparents drank craft cocktails. Read the fully story here.

The Best Portland Pop-Ups to Try NOW

For those who want to taste the hottest dishes before anyone else, tracking local pop-ups is what it's all about—but it's epically tricky. Many pop-ups change schedules and locations regularly, and what is a Portland pop-up one day might be a new Washington D.C. pop-up the next. Read the full story here, but note Eater Portland is in the process of updating the article. You can find more timely pop-up news with the weekly EventWire, published most Mondays.

Are You Prepared for the Chick-fil-A Revolution?

No, seriously, are you? The fast-food chicken restaurant announced around a dozen more Portland-area locations in 2016, and it brought with it a history of getting caught in ideological controversies. Read the full story here.

Voodoo Doughnut

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Veritable Quandary

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The Bible Club

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Pip's Original

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Pine Street Market

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Lincoln Restaurant

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