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Food Cart and Beer Garden Opening Near Pok Pok Wing

Upside Down will serve “anything that goes well with beer”

The future site of the Upside Down Food Cart
Google Street View

Upside Down will be a food cart with a sizable beer garden, at 3318 SE Milwaukie Ave., just off SE Powell and about a block from still-fresh-faced Pok Pok Wing. Owner Maria Hernandez tells Eater she hopes to make her debut in the food cart game as early as February.

Previously, Hernandez worked at Chepe’s Pupuseria y Taqueria, her brother-in-law’s Salvadoran food cart on SE Stark. Most recently, she served as manager at Oswaldo Bibiano’s Uno Mas, on West Burnside.

Hernandez says the cart will serve burgers, sandwiches, and French fries, the latter of which can come topped with items like cheese, bacon, or chorizo. She hasn’t fully put the menu together yet, but says Upside Down will serve “anything that goes well with beer.”

Speaking of which, Upside Down will serve around 20 local craft beers, and its beer garden will seat up to 20 people. Hernandez says she plans to double that capacity in the coming months.

Upside Down: 3318 SE Milwaukie Ave.