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Tidbit Food Carts Reopen in New SE Division Pod

They include The Doghouse PDX, Smaaken Waffles, Garden Monsters, and Namu 

Smaaken’s sweet, sweet waffles

One of Portland’s most popular food cart pods, the Tidbit Food Farm and Garden closed this weekend, but four of its food carts will reopen on Friday, Scout Beer co-owner Joe St. Martin, who owns the new pod called The Lot at Scout, tells Eater. The Doghouse PDX, Smaaken Waffles, Garden Monsters, and Namu will reopen on October 13 at the new pod, at Southeast 50th and Division (next door to Plaid Pantry).

“The first four carts are all looking to open by Friday,” St. Martin tells Eater, “and we're finalizing a permit to serve some beer — though our official space will not be open.”

Ultimately, The Lot at Scout will house the Scout Tap House, which will have 13 taps featuring Scout and guest breweries’ beers. Ashland’s Sammich is set to serve its sandwiches onsite down the road, too. Scout Beer is currently holding a GoFundMe campaign to get rolling.

Scout Beer

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