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Where to Watch Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Wasted’ Documentary in Portland

The new film goes live tomorrow, Friday, October 13

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'Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Japan with Masa' Screening
Anthony Bourdain
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner

Wasted, the documentary film produced by Anthony Bourdain, debuts tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Catch one of the first screenings in Portland at Living Room Theaters, which will show the movie five times a day while it runs. According to the Wasted website, Living Room Theater is the only place to watch the movie in Portland.

Wasted centers on the global problem of food waste: Studies show around one third of all food goes into the trashcan. Cutting down on global food waste would clearly help put an end to world hunger.

In the 90-minute movie, all-star chefs — including Dan Barber, Mario Batali, Sean Brock, Massimo Bottura, Danny Bowien, and, of course, Bourdain himself — contemplate the question: How can we turn things that are normally considered trash into culinary delicacies?

Portland businesses have also addressed the food waste problem — case in point are Urban Gleaners and Salt & Straw’s “rescued ingredient” ice creams. In the Wasted movie trailer, Bourdain admits the subject matter is very “serious” in comparison with topics he usually explores, but he says he was trained beneath old-school chefs to “use everything, waste nothing.”

The Wasted film poster

“I’m not an activist but the intent of this film aligns with something that’s very much personal,” Bourdain says in a prepared statement. “As a traveler, I see again and again how circumstances force people to cook incredibly well with the often very little food available to them. One film isn’t going to cure all of society’s ills, but, if a few people start thinking about what they’re eating for dinner in a different way or think twice about throwing out what is often the best stuff, it’s a good day.”