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Fire Erupts in Downtown Portland Food Cart Pod

Two food carts and 10 cars were damaged

The downtown Portland food cart pod fire just moments before a major explosion
Youtube/Dan Johnson

A fire broke out at the food cart pod at SW 1st and Columbia just after 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, and, while only two people suffered minor injuries, two food carts and 10 nearby cars were damaged. The Lai Thai and The Greek Gods Gyro food carts both burned to the ground. They are closed until further notice (The Greek Gods Gyro’s second location in Milwaukie remains open).

Speaking with the O, Captain Louisa Jones of Portland Fire & Rescue said the fire was caused when an employ spilled gasoline while refueling a generator at one of the food carts. Witnesses say the fire started at Lai Thai.

The downtown fire took a dramatic turn when multiple explosions caused by two propane tanks erupted while bystanders and fire personnel were on the scene. Traffic was closed in the area until 5 p.m.

Here is a video capturing the towering flames and smoke of the blaze. A insane explosion happens at 4:48 minutes in: