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North Carolina’s Thirsty Monk Brewery Expands to Portland

Portland’s brewery scene continues to diversify

The funky, European-minded decor at Thisty Monk in Asheville
Facebook/Thirsty Monk

Asheville, North Carolina-based Thirsty Monk Brewery & Pub has been making Belgian-style ales with modern updates since 2008, and, in November, it will purchase “a well-known Portland beer bar,” with plans to ultimately open a brewpub, according to its Facebook page.

The takeover of a “well-know Portland beer bar” may send shivers down some Portlanders’ backs. Eater has reached out to Thirsty Monk for a specific name.

In the announcement, Thirsty Monk says said beer bar will continue business as usual — even operating under the same name — through early 2018. The taps will then focus on Thirsty Monk’s own craft beers, with some guest taps. The long-term plan is to open “a small batch brewhouse“ on-site.

Thirsty Monk has four locations in Asheville; in addition to brews, one focuses on coffee while another focuses on cocktails. Along with Portland, the company is expanding to Denver, where it will establish a brewery and taproom in November 2017.