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Say Goodbye to Another Stylish Southeast Dive Bar

Pink Feather shuttered after 60 years

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The Pink Feather
Facebook/Pink Feather

After 60 years of Elvis impersonators, karaoke, broasted chicken, and an all-pink-and-red-all-the-time decor, Pink Feather Restaurant & Lounge in deep Southeast has poured its last well drink at 14154 SE Division St., WWeek reports.

The news briefly appeared on the Pink Feather’s Facebook page, before being removed. The Pink Feather did not immediately respond to calls from Eater. Its website is down. Yelp also says it is closed.

One of Portland’s incomparable dive bars, Pink Feather was a world like no other: all-pink wallpaper, crushed velvet benches, riddled woodwork, and live music or karaoke most nights of the week — all in a part of town at least half of Portland never visits. Of course, all this led to a strong set of regulars. May the debate over whether the broasted chicken was the best in Portland rage on for eternity.