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Revelry Overhauls Menu and Gets a Little More Vegan

Changes include a Nashville Hot Chicken version of the cauliflower rice bowl


Known for its hip-hop swagger and addictive Korean-inspired plates, the Revelry bar and restaurant located at 210 SE MLK Boulevard is changing things up on the food front. New chef de cuisine Diane Lam tells Eater all but one of the Korean-inspired savory pancakes will be seasonal, but the biggest changes are plant-based.

One new plate is Vegan Jungle Curry, a curry-drenched fried-noodle nest with shiitake mushrooms, winter melon, and chili oil. But the plant-based option to watch — based on what chefs and co-owners Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi can do with fried chicken — is a Nashville Hot Chicken version of the cauliflower rice bowl.

“We start by fermenting aromatics in Tabasco,” says Lam. “We then whip that into coconut butter and toss it into freshly fried Indian eggplant.”

The bowl is finished with a collard green, coconut pickle and stewed green mung beans.

Revelry’s menu updates will taken effect Saturday, November 4.


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