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Ox’s Greg and Gabrielle Denton to Replace Superbite With Bistro Agnes

The 2017 James Beard Award winning chefs pull jaw-dropping switcheroo

10 Things to Know about Ox's SuperBite, Opening Today
Katie Acheff/EPDX

Following their smash hit restaurant, Ox, chef-owners Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñonez Denton opened Superbite in downtown Portland in April 2016, and, according to PoMo, they now plan to close Superbite after New Year’s Eve service to open Bistro Agnes in its place. The Dentons won the 2017 James Beard Award for Best Chef Northwest, so it’s difficult to imagine a more perfectly timed move.

Inspired by the French bistro as well as Greg Denton’s grandmother, Bistro Agnes is aiming to open mid-January 2018. It’ll begin with lunch and dinner, with plans to ultimately add brunch. With a focus on Parisian classics, potential dishes include black pepper gougeres with chicken liver mousse, seared foie gras with french toast, and steak frites.

The Dentons also shared a few reasons for closing Superbite with PoMo — the thrust of which won’t likely surprise those closely following the restaurant: The concept suffered from trying to cram too many ideas into a single space.


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