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Another Longtime Portland Craft Brewery Is Closing

Amnesia Brewing calls it quits after 14 years

Amnesia Brewing in Washougal

Has the Portland area’s craft beer scene peaked? That was the question running through the heads of local beer drinkers when The Commons Brewery closed and Ross Island Brewery went up for sale this fall. Now there’s more news to put a tear in local beer: Brewpublic reports Amnesia Brewing will turn off the lights on December 1.

Amnesia Brewing started its largely successful run on North Mississippi Avenue in 2003. It relocated to Washougal, WA, in 2013, but the move didn’t bring about the hoped-for results.

“Unfortunately, with breweries and taprooms opening up seemingly every month, the market has become somewhat saturated,” Amnesia reported to Brewpublic in an email.

At last count, Portland had the most craft breweries of any U.S. city, with somewhere around 60. Portland craft beer has become as iconic as to Portland as food carts, which are also facing challenges, with several pods recently closing. Apparently Portland’s explosive population growth isn’t enough to keep high-profile breweries like Amnesia and The Commons from closing.