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Miho Izakaya Shutters After 8 Years

It’d operated out of a funky yellow craftsman home

Miho Izakaya
Yelp/Duane P.

The food scene on North Interstate Avenue near the Mississippi neighborhood continues to be on the rise, but it will do so without Miho Izakaya. The restaurant today announced it will close after service on November 30.

“There are a multitude of reasons why we are closing,” says Megan Miho, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Michael, “but really, it’s about our family. It’s the reason why we opened Miho and it’s the reason why we are closing it.

The Mihos also say they will return with a new project, but they aren’t ready to announce the details just yet.

Miho Izakaya has operated since 2009, serving Japanese small plates and sushi inside of a funky former craftsman home at 4057 N Interstate. Here’s the full Facebook announcement:

Dearest Portland,

After 8 wonderful years, Megan and I have decided to close MiHo Izakaya.

Our last service will be on November 30, 2017.

We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over the years and we are excited about the opportunity to focus on our family and begin a new project!

Stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you all one last time and please know that serving you has been our greatest pleasure.


Michael and Megan Miho

MiHO Izakaya

4057 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97227 (503) 719-6152 Visit Website