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Modest Mouse Frontman’s Portland Bar Has a Name, Opening Month, and PIZZA

Poison’s Rainbow is working with Ranch Pizza and Bunk Sandwiches’ Matt Brown

Ranch Pizza is a little different
Ranch Pizza

Isaac Brock, the lead singer and guitarist for kick-ass rock band Modest Mouse, blew some minds this summer when he announced he would soon open a Portland bar. That bar will now be named Poison’s Rainbow, operate at 344 NE 28th, and serve slices and pies by Ranch Pizza, according to an email from Ranch Pizza owners Eric Wood and Richard Corey.

Poison’s Rainbow? Awesome.

The new bar aims to open mid-January 2018, serving pizza seven days a week. Ranch Pizza will cease its delivery-only pizza operation at the end of December, on SE 12th and Division. Inside Poison’s Rainbow, Ranch Pizza will continue to operate under its own name.

Ranch makes 15-inch, square, Sicilian-style pizzas with Northwest-grown and milled flour, and it regularly pops up inside breweries and bars in the neighborhood. With more room to work, the new shop will offer specials and regular menu updates. (Homemade ranch dressing is still part of the program.)

Poison’s Rainbow and Ranch Pizza are working with Title Bout, the fresh-faced restaurant group by Bunk Sandwiches co-founder Matt Brown, long-time Chefstable staff member Jessica Williams, and Colin Connon. Check out the current state of construction, including spark-sputtering grinding-wheel action, with some pics from the official Instagram of Poison’s Rainbow:

Poison's Rainbow

344 NE 28th Ave., Portland, OR Visit Website