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Sandwich Queen Melissa McMillan Turns on the Lights at Sammich PDX

Ashland’s Sammich expands to 2137 East Burnside St.

Sammich’s Italian beef

Chef-owner Melissa McMillan has been serving beefy masterpieces in Portland out of her Pastrami Zombie food truck since June 2016, and today’s the day her legit Portland brick and mortar, Sammich PDX, opens at 2137 East Burnside St.

McMillan’s flagship Sammich is located in Ashland, Oregon, and the new Portland shop will bring some of its greatest hits to the City of Roses. Especially be on the lookout for the Italian beef (but obviously don’t sleep on the pastrami or burger).

Speaking with Eater in October, McMillan said the East Burnside location would “feel like a deli you walk into in Chicago,” with a family-friendly atmosphere. The shop is 900 square feet and seats around 28. According to PoMo, it’ll operate 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the first week, with regularly hours kicking off December 11, when it’ll stay open later, until 8 p.m.

McMillan also has another Sammich planned for Southeast Division and 50th.


5029 SE Division, Portland, OR Visit Website