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Behold the 20-Course Tasting Menu at Nomad.PDX

Molecular gastronomy meets a walk in the park

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Dessert at Nomad.PDX: Almond ice cream, toasted almonds, egg-yolk jam, and “nest”

Located at 575 NE 24th St., Nomad.PDX is now accepting reservations for its imaginative, many coursed menus, and below, you can get a peek at the offerings. Featured are the 10-course tasting menu, served in Nomad.PDX’s dining room; the 20-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, served at its 13-seat chef’s counter; and cocktails by Jen Rae, served everywhere, including Nomad.PDX’s big surprise: a walk-ins-only bar.

Nomad.PDX’s brick and mortar may be brand new, but the restaurant has operated as a pop-up and underground supper club since 2014. Chef-owners Ryan Fox and Ali Matteis launched the pop-up hot off their tenure at Castagna, Portland’s foremost modernist restaurant.

You’ll find all of modernist cuisine’s flourishes at Nomad.PDX: artistic presentations and surprising cooking techniques that betray the minimalist menu descriptions below (not that “parsnip leather,” “lobster oil,” “crispy butter,” and “bacon-clam nage” are everyday occurrences). To prepare their playful menus, Fox, Matteis, and their team regularly journey into the Oregon countryside to return with unique foraged or harvested ingredients.

Without further ado, here are Nomad.PDX’s opening night cocktail and tasting menus. Reservation are now available online. The prices are at the top of Portland’s prix fixe scene, and prepare for a 20% service charge on checkout, too. But remember, 20 courses for $160 is still peanuts when compared with most prices in other cities.


575 Northeast 24th Avenue, , OR 97232 (503) 206-4085 Visit Website