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Heart Pizza by Little Big Burger Co-Founder Opens Friday

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See inside the pizza chainlet’s first location

Having co-founded Little Big Burger, Blue Start Donuts, and Boxer Ramen, Micah Camden is known for cleverly updating comfort food staples while retaining their beloved, original character. Camden’s now set his sights on pizza with Heart Pizza, and he and co-founder Matt Lynch (Boxer Ramen) tell Eater they’re firing up the brick pizza oven this Friday, February 24, at 417 SW 13th Ave.

Take a tour of the first of what could become many Heart Pizza locations in the photos above. A second shop is already in the works, scheduled to open in March 2017, at 672 SW Gaines St.

Heart Pizza will operate daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. to serve pizzas, seasonal salads, Italian-inspired desserts, and beer and wine, for dining in—with about 10 seats total—takeout, or delivery (through Caviar, etc.). When word of Heart Pizza first broke, Lynch said the goal was to provide good prices and healthier pizzas, and a recent sample menu revealed $8 salads and pizzas for $12 to $15.

Will Camden reinvent pizza as he did donuts, ramen, and burgers—not to mention ketchup? Heart Pizza called in Morgan Brownlow (The People’s Pig, Tasty N Sons) to help design its pizzas, which take an Italian approach. The dough is made with “00” flour and the pizzas cook in 90 seconds inside a Stefano Ferrara brick oven, imported from Italy. Toppings blend quality with the unorthodox. Think classic Italian meats, fior di latte mozzarella, porcini dust, and, because everyone needs it, bone marrow. Four vegetarian pizzas options are available, too.

And there’s one more bit of pie news: Heart Pizza plans to roll out “Brunch Pizza” down the road. That means pizza served beneath hollandaise, plus baked egg and house-made maple-sage sausage. Mmmm, healthy.

Heart Pizza

SW Bond Ave. and SW Gaines St., Portland, OR Visit Website