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Refined Sushi Restaurant Fukami Announces Pop-Up Series

And the master plan: Reopen in a new location

Omakase at Fukami

When he announced Fukami Sushiya would close mid-February 2017, chef-owner Cody Auger said he wasn’t ready to pack up his sushi knives—that Fukami would return. The first step in Auger’s plan to reopen is now in place: He’s launched the Fukami pop-up, and it will hold its first 19-course meals at East Burnside’s Davenport on March 5 and 6 (reservations will be available through OpenTable on March 1).

“Moving forward, the pop-ups will happen every Sunday and Monday until we sign a lease,” says Auger. “The menu will be 19 courses presented in a modern kaiseki format, with an untraditional nigiri course.” Fukami will also be on the move, so keep an eye on its Instagram for reservation and location details; they’ll drop the first of every month.

Both Fukami and its former conception as Hosukei earned ardent fans for precise sushi menus and chef’s tastings with courses in the upper teens. The intimate chef’s counter format will continue at the pop-up, and only 8 seats will be available per night. Tickets cost $95, with additional drink-pairing options. Dinner begins at 7 p.m.

Auger tells Eater he’s currently scouting locations for the Fukami brick and mortar. Look for updates here as they develop.

Fukami Sushiya

4246 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR 97215 Visit Website