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Boke Dokie Joins Forces With Portland Food Hall

Boke Bowl’s Asian-inspired fried chicken cart goes micro-restaurant

Boke Dokie owners Patrick Flemming and Brannon Riceci
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

The food cart from Boke Bowl, Boke Dokie, unveiled one of the city’s top fried chicken sandwiches — not to mention a tasty tofu version — when it fired up the fryers in May 2016. Riding that wave of gochujang sauce, Boke Dokie will now open inside downtown’s latest food hall, Portland Food Hall, according to The O. Eater has confirmed the food cart will continue to operate in the Tidbits food cart pod, as well.

At Portland Food Hall, Boke Dokie fans can prepare for some menu upgrades, including tots from Boke Bowl and a regularly updated sandwich special. The O reports Boke Dokie also intends to launch a family-style Korean fried-chicken dinner, served once a month, down the road.

Located 827 SW 2nd Ave., the 3,000-square-foot Portland Food Hall will house five micro-restaurants, one bar, and a TBD ice cream shop. It hopes to open the doors in March. In total, Portland Food Hall’s tenants are currently Boke Dokie, The Whole Bowl, Moberi, Mini Bar, Aiko Ramen, and a new restaurant by the Middle Eastern restaurant Zaatar.

Portland Food Hall

827 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR