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Are Portland Restaurants Closing Again for Another Ice Storm?

More ice than a PDX ICE party

The 35th National Professional Ice-carving Competition Held In Harbin Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Here we go again. Portland’s wild winter continues, with icy roads challenging many small business owners to dare open their doors today. So far, it appears it’ll be business as usually at Portland restaurants and bars. Weather reports also say temperatures should continue to rise throughout the afternoon, which bodes well for grabbing dinner out tonight.

This weather takes a real toll on Portland businesses. Even if you don’t want to risk the roads, you can support your local food scene by walking to your favorite neighborhood spot.

Know of a Portland restaurant or bar that’s closed for the ice? Let Eater Portland know, at This article will be updated with all and any restaurant and bar closures, as today’s weather conditions continue to develop. But so far, so good.

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