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Hotly Anticipated Nomad.PDX Opens for Business

The refined modernist restaurant starts accepting walk-ins and reservations


Have the nomads finally put down roots? On February 9, chef-owners Ryan Fox and Ali Matteis will officially open the doors to the first brick-and-mortar incarnation of their much-touted modernist restaurant, Nomad.PDX, PoMo reports. Nomad.PDX is currently accepting reservations by phone for its prix fixe tasting menus (expect online reservations to appear soon). Tomorrow, it begins welcoming walk-ins in its bar area.

As a pop-up and an underground supper club, Nomad.PDX featured an intimate chef’s counter setup. But its new digs offer more versatility.

Fox and Matteis still have a chef’s counter—now with 13 seats—for 20-course dinners, which cost $160 ($65 for wine pairings). But there’s also a dining room with tables and seating for 25, where the chefs will serve 10-course tasting menus for $110 ($40 for wine pairings). Finally, there’s a bar for 10, and PoMo shares one particularly welcome surprise: It’ll serve a stand-alone menu of bar food, including the beloved fried-fish sandwich from Feast, a gourmet play on McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish.


575 Northeast 24th Avenue, , OR 97232 (503) 206-4085 Visit Website