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Southwest Tacos and Whiskey Will Replace Streetcar Bistro and Taproom

From the restaurant group behind Brix Tavern and Swank & Swine

The former tenant, Streetcar Bistro & Taproom
Yelp/William M.

Portland’s Urban Restaurant Group has announced by press release its fifth restaurant, Carlita’s, will take over the former Streetcar Bistro & Taproom, at 1101 NW Northrup St. The restaurant is tentatively scheduled to join sister restaurants Brix Tavern, Swank & Swine, Urban Fondue, and Bartini in April 2017, with a Southwest-inspired menu focused on signature tacos. And like Streetcar Bistro & Taproom, Carlita’s will be heavy on spirits, with around 300 bottles of whiskey and agave options.

Urban Restaurant Group’s executive chef Kevin Kennedy is currently seeking an executive chef to help finalize the menu. The current vision is signature soft shell tacos filled with Northwest ingredients, as well as sides like ceviches, street corn, and chicharrones.

Carlita’s will seat 80 indoors and 20 on the patio. According to the press release, a remodel centers on a speakeasy “sort of feel,” with the bar the prominent feature and new booth seating along the windows. The deck and patio is getting overhauled, and the kitchen will be less prominent, “tucked behind an embossed bar area.”

The Urban Restaurant Group skates the line between producing restaurants with corporate and local vibes. Those living in the Pearl should get their first crack soon: Carlita’s tentatively plans to open in April. Streetcar Bistro & Taproom operated for four years before closing in August 2016.


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