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Look Inside Chalino, Now Open at Fremont Street and North Williams

Get ready for deliberately “inauthentic” Mexican cuisine from Johnny Leach and Dave Haddow

—Photos by Lyudmila Zotova

Chalino, Johnny Leach and Dave Haddow's new industrially mod "inauthentic" Mexican restaurant is now serving lamb-neck barbacoa, beet mole, and pig-head tostadas for dinner six nights a week.

The sleek, spacious 50-seat dining room, located on the ground floor of the equally sleek Courtyard at One North office building, comes with an open kitchen and plenty of windows to let in the natural light.

Leach is the Beaverton-born cook who launched the Stray Cats/Stray Birds pop-up series with Han Oak's Peter Cho. He previously worked at NYC's Momofuku and helmed the kitchen at Clyde Common for a spell. Haddow has worked for chef Donald Link, as well as in the kitchen of Division Street's Xico.

Chilano: 1 N Fremont St.; Hours: 5 to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday

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25 N Fremont St , Portland, OR 97227 Visit Website