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Hunnymilk launches Brunchurritos, a Weekly Breakfast Burrito and Churro Pop-Up

It starts on St. Patrick’s Day with complimentary dyed-green biscuits—if you know the password

Hunnymilk’s fried chicken burritos will be available this Friday

Hunnymilk, the weekend brunch pop-up run by Brandon Weeks (Charlie Trotter’s, Urban Farmer, Renata) and Alexandra Franzen at La Buca on NE 28th Avenue, is getting in the breakfast burrito game.

Starting this Friday morning, Brunchurritos will serve—as Weeks’ portmanteau implies—breakfast burritos and churros from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ankeny Tap and Table, located just a couple of blocks from La Buca at 2724 SE Ankeny Street.

Breakfast burritos will come in chorizo, fried chicken, and vegetable flavors, with a gluten-free tortilla chips skillet option. Additionally, Weeks and Franzen will serve buttermilk biscuits and churro bowls, the latter of which comes with chocolate mousse, banana pudding, and sea salted peanut brittle.

Weeks says if the public responds positively to the concept, he and Franzen could use it as a template for a future fast-casual brick and mortar spot that serves breakfast burritos on weekdays and hosts Hunnymilk pop-up brunches on weekends.

To kick off its St. Patrick’s Day opening, Brunchurritos will treat guests to complimentary dyed-green buttermilk biscuits with vanilla bean honey butter and strawberry jam—but only if they know the password. (It’s “flaky layers.”)

Brunchurritos: 2724 SE Ankeny St.; Hours: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday

Brunchurritos [Official Site]