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Behold Chris Cosentino’s Meatiest Dreams: Jackrabbit Unveils Menus

One of 2017’s biggest restaurant openings reveals cocktail, lunch, dinner, and wine and spirits menus

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Jackrabbit/Mark Mediana

The most anticipated restaurant opening this spring (and maybe this year), Jackrabbit still hasn’t confirmed an opening date, but the menus are locked and loaded: Check out big-time chef Chris Cosentino’s gutsy, meat-forward menus, including that braised rabbit with 80 cloves of garlic, something called “Meat in a Can,” and a pig’s head with chicories and his signature “brainaise” (yes, it’s just what it sounds like: mayo and pork brains). It’s about time brains entered the offal-heavy Portland food scene front and center.

In scope and lavishness, the closest Portland comparison is likely the newly opened Headwaters, by Vitaly Paley, which also boasts luxurious raw bar and meat platters and large share plates. But whereas much of Headwaters is about seafood, Jackrabbit remains steadfast in its meaty m. o.

The “Shells & Meat” serves 36 oysters and 12 clams, but also house-made coppa di testa, lonza, and duck-liver mousse, with “untraditional garnishes,” for $120. The likely piece de resistance, the pin bone steak, comes with seasonal vegetables and bone-marrow dip for $110.

Costentino offers more humble plates, too, like a grilled cheese with taleggio, duck egg, and honey ($14) and “Chef’s Last Supper,” with blood sausage duck egg, oysters, and herb salad ($22). And there’s a burger, people.

Check out Jackrabbit’s opening day cocktail, lunch, dinner, and wine and spirits menus below. And stay tuned for a confirmed opening date—published the very second it rolls in.