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Portland’s S&M Coffee Shop Calls It Quits

The SE Foster cafe and sex dungeon vacates its space


Many moons ago, The Moonfyre Cafe announced plans to open a venue equally dedicated to coffee and sex—two of the things Portland is best-known for. WWeek broke the news in July 2016, when Moonfyre said it would offer “sex-positive events and education” for coffee enthusiasts, and just last month, the weekly wrote the shop had opened.

But it appears the BDSM cafe located across from the Devil’s Point strip club on SE Foster Road won’t last: Moonfyre-owner Mistress Pixie Fyre and the owners of the space, which include DJ Kronos, appear to have had a falling out, WWeek reports. Pixie Fyre also tells the weekly the cafe never “officially opened,” despite having held several private events.

She also said she’d invested $12,000 in remodeling the space when the lease was canceled. There are no current plans to announce.

For those still in need of quality coffee, at least the Eater Portland list of 20 of the city’s best coffee shops offers options. And those looking for sex-positive activities will just have to get more creative, in the city with a reputation for the most strip clubs per capita in the nation.

The Moonfyre Cafe

5224 SE Foster, Portland, OR Visit Website