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See How Jenn Louis Transformed Lincoln Into Ray Restaurant

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Take a photo tour of the big-name chef’s new Israeli-inspired restaurant

Portland’s nationally recognized chef Jenn Louis is ready to unveil the transformation at 3808 N Williams Ave., the space formerly home to her flagship restaurant, Lincoln. Louis’s new Israeli-inspired restaurant Ray took up residence there on March 24—just seven days after Lincoln closed for good—and while most of the setup remains intact, you’ll find a more Middle Eastern theme thanks to subtle changes.

The concrete floors and exposed beams from the venue’s one-time incarnation as a warehouse remain, but the dining room is now home to two communal tables—each seating nine—equipped with lazy Susan-á-la-dim-sum platforms, and a welcome sign featuring the Hebrew alphabet by Jolby Designs is positioned on the restaurant’s rear wall.

Seating 75, Ray is now open daily for dinner, with happy hour offered Tuesday through Friday, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Ray plans on launching brunch too when the summer heats up.


3808 North Williams Avenue, , OR 97227 (503) 288-6200 Visit Website

Lincoln Restaurant

3808 NE Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227 Visit Website