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Game Knight Lounge Brings Board Games and Booze to North Williams

It takes over the former Wine Up venue

Game Knight Lounge
Facebook/Game Knight Lounge

For lovers of cheap drinks and Cards Against Humanity, Game Knight Lounge opened February 27 at 3037 N Williams Ave. Prefer Battleship? They've got it. Prefer something called Galaxy Trucker? They've got that, too. Game Knight Lounge even has Risk, for those taking it really, really slow. There’s an entire wall-sized bookshelf with board games to choose from for a $2 all-day-play fee (note the price rises to $4 in May; you can peruse the full selection of around 500 games here).

Game Knight Lounge seems particularly geared toward those looking to while away the hours on the cheap. Its drinks include $2 Rainier, $4.50 glasses of wine, and well cocktails for around $6. A recent WWeek review says Game Knight is a “a surprisingly functional bar as long as you avoid the complicated cocktails.”

The fleet of sandwich choices range from lamb meatball subs to pulled pork, with the option to sub tempeh. There are also items for kids, salads, bowls, and shared plates, like house-made Pickles Against Humanity. (The wordplay is appropriately pervasive: King Mi and Cluebano sandwiches, shareable Charcuterie Gameboards, a Full House Salad, etc.)

North Williams Avenue’s new board-game bar is open Monday through Friday, from 4 p.m. till late; Saturdays from noon to midnight; and Sundays from noon to 9 p.m.