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Another Portland Dive Bar Bites the Dust After 10 Years

Red Flag in Kerns is closed

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Located at 344 NE 28th Ave., the Red Flag bar closed last night after a ten-year run, according to a post by owner Danny Bortfeld on Facebook. WWeek first reported the bar was on its way out due to a rent hike earlier this month.

Red Flag was known for its cheap drinks and witty service policies, which were displayed brazenly behind the bar. The policy always began, “We will not serve you if you were born before [enter date], or if you are [enter currently loathed creature]. Examples include Martin Shkreli and Dave Matthews.

It was also known for cheap drinks and arcade games. It was not known for its food.

Bortfeld was also co-owner of The Know, the kick-ass music venue that was saved from obliteration earlier this year. That beloved venue is now relocated and open at 3728 NE Sandy Blvd.